Global Pea Grits Market to Register Exponential Compound Annual Growth Rate Through 2018 – 2028 !FMI Research

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Market Outlook Growing health consciousness towards consumption nutritious diet has fuelled the demand for pea grits across the globe, over the years. Pea grits are the coarse grounded particles of peas which are consumed as a meal. Pea grits are the native cereal meal which is commonly consumed in the southern regions of North America. Over the years, pea grits are consumed in various forms across the world due to tremendous development in food processing and food servicing industries. Pea grits are sourced from both yellow and green peas with reference to regional availability. As a traditional food, pea grits are popularly consumed as one of the staple breakfast in the American and western countries which has created a demand for pea grits. Not only in households, but pea grits are also consumed as one of tasty succulent in restaurants and hotels in a variety of cuisines. Due to its easy binding ability, pea grits are taken along with seafood such as prawns and blackened shrimps. Pea grits are also used as a flavor enhancer in sauces and sausages such as pesto. In the European cuisines, pea grits are taken along with pork, bacon, chicken, and others to experience the variant flavors. Bound to the growing consumption of pea grits in various sectors and regions it is anticipated that, the global pea grits market would remain positive during the forecast period.

Pea Grits as a Source of Vegan Protein The pea grits are not only used in food processing and food servicing industries, but also used in poultry feeds as well. Due to the presence of higher protein concentration, pea grits are used as one of the key ingredients in bird foods. The demand and preference for protein-rich ingredients such as pea grits is increasing, owing to growing consumer awareness regarding health benefits offered by natural ingredients, as well as concerns regarding a source of ingredient and quality. Demand for vegan proteins and natural ingredients is on the rise which resulted in the incorporation of vegan proteins such as pea grits in savories in recent years. As an instant, delicious and protein-rich cereal breakfast, it can be anticipated that, pig grits have growing demand among the consumers and food processors across the world in the future.

Global Pea Grits Market: Market Segmentation On the basis of product type, the global pea grits market has been segmented as: Green Pea Grits Yellow Pea Grits On the basis of end use, the global pea grits market has been segmented as:Food Processing,Poultry Feeds,Food Services,Households,Others On the basis of flavor, the global pea grits market has been segmented as:Sweet,Savory On the basis of the distribution channel, the global pea grits market has been segmented as-B2B,B2C,Hypermarkets/Supermarkets,Convenience Stores,Specialty Retail Stores,e-Commerce,Other Retail Formats.

Pea grits Market: Key Players Some of the key players in the global pea grits market include Best Cooking Pulses, Inc. etc. Opportunities for Market Participants: As flavoring and binding agent pea grits have escalating demand among the consumers, it is expected that there will be stronger revenue generation for the market participants of global pea grits. In addition, pea grits are being used as a key ingredient in nutrition-dense poultry feeds which has growing demands every year. Increasing number of continental restaurants and food processing industries also drives the demand for pea grits across the world. Bound to these factors, it is anticipated that there will be higher returns for the industrialists and manufacturers of pea grits in the future.

Global Pea grits: A Regional outlook Pea grits are highly produced and consumed in North America, as a traditional breakfast cereal. Increased demand for nutritious and instant breakfast accounts for its high consumption. In North America, pea grits are consumed in higher frequencies as a staple breakfast. In the regions of Latin America, the pea grits are utilized as a porridge in recent years. In the region of Europe, pea grits are commonly used in most of the continental dishes which are served with seafood. Pea grits are widely utilized in savories and other processed foods in the Asia Pacific due to increased restaurants and other food services. In the region of the Middle East and Africa, pea grits are being used as healthy snacks in minimal quantities as it is not well established, however, pea grits have spurring demand among the consumers and food industrialists. It is expected that the global pea grits market would proliferate in terms of value and volume in the future.

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